20 years ago i.e. on 1st Oct 2001 Mr. Sudam Raktate and Mr. Shivaji Lagad had started with a spices business at a smaller scale named "Kamal Food Products". From making spices to their delivery they both handled everything. By maintaining the product's quality they assured/maintained their place in the business industry. And today the same seed that they planted turns/grows into a tree having 17 different types of spices. Our special product named 'Special Nagari Zataka' is pleasing to our customers. Firstly we are doing Lab testing to assure Products quality, then only we are starting preparation for sales. We have different machines that will take care of packing of spices. We are getting great response from customers with the use of Attractive packaging and Quality taste. Hoping to get the same response in future as well.

Our product range includes Kamal Chilli Powder,Kamal Turmeric Powder,Kamal Coriander Powder,Kamal Nagari Zatka,Chat Masala,Pav Bhaji Masala,Paneer Masala,Chicken Masala,Sambar Masala,Meat Masala,Biryani Masala & Chhole Masala

Our Quality policy:

“Our commitment to total satisfaction is by consistently providing quality products through team efforts.”

Quality control and standards*:

Checking, Cleaning, peeling, sifting of the raw material has done before taken into use for production. The raw material is used after the satisfactory and standard quality check. During the production process quality is checked at the time of grinding, heating, mixing and processing. Finally finished product are selected for packaging after testing in laboratory. The quality, smell, appearance are up to the mark as per standards.

Our Vision:

“To become most preferred provider and best seller of Masalas and Masala mix in a short span of time.”

Our Mission:

“To bring a smile of satisfaction to everyone who gets touched and tasted our products- retailers, visitors, dealers, distributors and also employers and employees.”